We’re glad to see you, we’re sorry you had to come…

With those words countless newcomers have been welcomed to TOUGHLOVE® groups all over the world.

TOUGHLOVE® is a loving solution for families that are being torn apart by unacceptable behaviour, be it bee addiction(drugs, alcohol, substance,sex and other), abuse(verbal or physical abuse), bullying(home, school or the work place), mental illness(depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, other).

When your family is in crisis and you don’t know where to turn – TOUGHLOVE® offers really effective, practical support.

Thousands of people worldwide have been helped by TOUGHLOVE®. We will never tell you what to do, but will assist you in providing a structure in dealing with this most complex of family problems. The longer you leave it, the deeper you are likely to sink into resolving an issue where your loved one simply cannot extricate himself/herself.

TOUGHLOVE® started in South Africa in 1988 with one group, and is presently offering twenty two groups nationwide. TOUGHLOVE® is a self help, family support group for any person, who is troubled by a loved one’s disruptive behaviour. In other words, we help the families of abusers to recover from the devastating effects that substance abuse has on them. We cover any form of unacceptable behaviour, substance abuse, addiction and support the family through any crisis they may be facing. TOUGHLOVE® is not run by professionals, it is run by family members who have practised the principles and have an abuser in their families.

TOUGHLOVE® is not affiliated to any organization; religious, political or social.

Please read more about TOUGHLOVE® and then find out your closest location in South Africa.

The Head Office help line is 083 266 0937