Jericho Recovery Centre


The Jericho Recovery centre is situated a few kilometers from the Lesotho border very close to the majestic Maluti Mountains. The centre is on a farm and has an amazing view and is a place of hope, health and healing.  


Our vision is to empower people with problems to succeed in life.


We do this through a Christian mentoring process which includes the following:

  1] Celebrate Recovery. [12 step program]

  2] Belief Therapy. [This program revolves around changing our thinking patterns to change our belief system and in turn our actions]

  3] Therapeutic duties. [These include gardening, cooking, animal duties, laundry, maintenance and babysitting]

  4] Recreation. [Soccer, netball, volleyball, hiking, camping, swimming etc]

  5] Group therapy. [Very relevant, confrontational and challenging]

  6] Individual mentoring. [Each person is assigned a suitably qualified mentor]


Our program is a minimum of 8 months.

There are no short cuts to recovery. (3 months or less)

The W.H.O. (World Health Organization) statistics show that 95% of all people who do short term recovery relapse within two weeks.

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