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Eureka House - sober home and outpatient program for addicts in recovery


Offers addicts, who cannot take time off work or college/university to go into full time treatment, the opportunity to still work a recovery program. We believe that everyone with an addiction illness deserves the right to recovery and we therefore offer a 6 month, (or longer depending on each individual), life skills training, 12 step program guidance and assistance, as well as counseling and process group.

Unfortunately not everyone is eligible to enter into an outpatient program for various reasons.

We conduct a thorough assessment to advise you accordingly.

Our program runs every Tuesday and Thursday evening, from 18H45 to 20H30.

Eureka House also have a psychiatric nurse and social worker on board for one on one therapy.


Offers a secure, sober and controlled environment. It is important for any recovering addict, who has completed primary treatment, to feel safe. Re-entry depression is common with recovering addicts coming out of rehab, which can result in relapse.

We ensure their transition back into society is comfortable and manageable. Our sober home has an addiction counselor, a house manager 24/7, a psychiatric nurse and social worker on board.

Our sober home encourages the recovering addict to apply the principles of the 12 Step program.

EUREKA HOUSE has a registered NA meeting every Friday evening from 18H30 to 19H30.

EUREKA HOUSE has a registered ToughLove (family support group) meeting every Monday evening from 19H00 to 21H00.

Managing Member: Vanessa Davies ; 083 601 1454

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