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Eden Recovery Centre


Eden Recovery Centre believes that addictive disorders are chronic, progressive and incurable primary illnesses that can prove fatal. With correct treatment, the disease can be arrested, making recovery attainable. At Eden, the programme offers abstinence based treatment for people with the illness of addiction and can mark the start of a process that leads many people to enjoy fulfilled lives, free from active addiction. We aim to helpaddicts face the reality of their addiction, begin the process of changing the behavior associated with addiction and achieve the foundations for a quality and sustained recovery.

Eden Recovery Centre believes, through practical experience, that the philosophy embodied in the Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous 12-Step programmes, offers the most comprehensive, integrated and useful treatment modality for recovery from addiction.

Eden Recovery Centre understands the devastating effects that addiction has on family and loved ones, and has a comprehensive family programme for families including individual counseling and group therapy. This is fully inclusive in the treatment package. We are situated in Midrand, Gauteng.

Treatment options:

  •     4 week inpatient programme
  •     6 week inpatient programme
  •     12 week inpatient programme

Registered with:

  •     The Department of Health and Social Development SA
  •     The Board of Health Funders SA


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Contact number: 011 244 9916