About Us

Journey Rehabilitation Centre is an upmarket mental health treatment facility in South Africa. Our approach to addiction treatment, and mental health care in general, is a holistic one. We incorporate a range of alternative therapies and activities (such as art therapy, woodwork and martial arts) into our clients’ routines to supplement the psychotherapy that they receive. We believe that we cannot facilitate the healing process of our clients while punishing them. Hence, we have adopted a non-punitive treatment philosophy that is underpinned by the principles of love, compassion and kindness.

Why Journey?

Journey Recovery and Wellness Centre was founded by husband and wife Clive and Yonit Blumenthal. The vision behind Journey was to create a space filled with love, compassion and understanding where sufferers of mental health issues are not punished. Clive is a recovering addict and alcoholic with 14 years of sobriety. Yonit stuck with Clive through his journey of recovery and this gives Journey its unique treatment perspective. Clive’s lens is through that of an ex addict and alcoholic while Yonit understands the trauma experienced by the family of the sufferer of addiction.


Website: www.journeyrecoverycentre.com
Email: info@journeycentre.co.za
Office – +27 64 908 0817
Admissions – +27 78 990 8362
Emergency/After Hours –  +27 79 465 4556