Legae La Nnette

“means a real home in Tswana”

Changing Lives, Building Families and Uplifting the Community

About Us

Legae La Nnete, which means a real home in Tswana, is one of the most cost effective re-integration programs around.
We only take in men who really want help and want to change their lives.
Legae is unique in that we are a working farm which helps to reduce our costs, and those joining our program need to be prepared to work over and above the counselling and group sessions.
We run an initial 4 month recovery program and trust that during this time they deal with their hearts issues which we believe is one of the drivers of their addiction. We also trust that during this time they find their passion in life, work wise, and want to start moving forward in life.

After completing the 4 month recovery program, and the management team believe that they are ready to work, we then assist them in obtaining work while still providing accommodation until such time as they can afford to move out on their own. At least a further 6 months on the program is encouraged while we assist them with this re-integration phase, like managing finances, dealing with conflict in the work place etc. Finding new and healthy friendships/relationships is important.

We also recommend that the family attends a Tough love Support Group in their area.

Legae La Nnete asks for R3,800 pm where possible and do an interview 1st to see that they are willing to commit to our program. We do however accept people on a committal order.

Please note we do not run a detox program so depending on what they are using they will need to go do a detox program first, mainly for heroin, (nyope) heavy alcohol abuse and medication abuse.


Website: www.legaelannete.co.za
Email: info@legaelannete.co.za
Gordon Dewar – 082 074 5835