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Sober Living House


 Healing Choice is a sober living halfway house

"Healing is possible, but it is a choice that you need to make".

Healing Choice is a full board halfway house for anyone wanting to make a full recovery from addiction to a life of full recovery.

The house offers   drug testing, assessments, counselling, support groups, and life planning coaching (www.map4life,com).  The Christian based 12 step programme known as celebrate recovery(  Residents are also encouraged to attend alternative useful support groups.

Why a sober living/halfway house?

The scourge of chemical abuse and the consequences of addictions

are well publicized and most of us know that we should not be

complacent about this problem. What is less understood is how

difficult the process of rehabilitation is, with discouraging long-term

recovery rates as low as 2% or 3%, reported by many rehab centers.

Where ongoing support over the longer term is available to recovering addicts, results are more positive.

For instance, research shows a 55% recovery rate when primary

rehab treatment is followed up by a sober living homeA residential aftercare program is therefore critical for the transition that every recovering addict needs to make.  A Sober living home provides

recovering addicts and alcoholics  with a safe and clean

environment which bridges the gap from a drug or alcohol

treatment facility back into a daily living routine.

Healing Choice Sober Living House

This sober living house provides a full board cost effective home environment where all the residents are involved in running the

home and they all have to pitch in to cook and clean and take

care of their home. The family structure is reinforced by the

strong parental care of Peter the “father” of the house

together with Estelle a qualified teacher.

Daily life follows a routine which includes set meal times together,

choices therapy sessions, mentoring, life coaching.

Residents are encouraged to enroll in studies, find work and attend meetings.