Situated in the lush greenery of Claremont, Cape Town, visitors to our rehab centre are provided with numerous opportunities to keep themselves busy at The Living House and its surrounds, a necessary part of fighting addiction. With Cavendish Centre just down the road, there are opportunities for recreational activities such as bowling, exercising, cinemas, and public transport for further accessibility.

Around you, the majestic visage of Cape Town’s famous Table Mountain looms overhead, its beauty an excellent way to ground oneself during even the most troubling of times on the road to recovery. All life’s problems can be dwarfed by such awe-inspiring nature. Claremont is also situated close to Kirstenbosch Gardens, offering a great space to keep physically active and in touch with the world around you.

Once a visitor has been living sober at the Living House for a minimum of three weeks, they are encouraged to take the next steps in reintegration by becoming productive while still booked into our rehabilitation centre. A busy, active lifestyle where the mind and body are kept occupied not only helps fight addiction, but it grounds the resident in normalcy while building a sustainable future.

This entails studying, volunteering in the community, or engaging in gainful employment. With the benefits of a safe, calm place to grow and a means of finding productivity and purpose, the stage is set for our residents to restart their lives free of addiction or dependence on drugs, alcohol or other equally detrimental addictions.

With our primary and secondary stages in your fight against addiction, there is a program for all clients ready to walk the path to recovery at The Living House. It’s up to you to take a stand against addiction and substance dependence. The road to recovery can be a long and daunting one but be rest assured that our staff is aware of the struggles you face.

No one expects miracles of our residents; no matter how long it takes, we’re right behind you every step of the way, encouraging your strength and determination. Your sober future is well within your grasp, regardless of how trying or difficult the journey. We fight to make the journey all the easier, allowing for a future where relapse can be actively avoided.

The Living House provides a bespoke “Four Phase” Sober Living Programme that has been born out of 11 years’ experience in addiction treatment. Residents are encouraged to create their own individualized Recovery plan whilst operating and adhering to the framework programme we have set out. Recovery Coaching plays an integral part of our programme as we believe that one of the greatest struggles recovering addicts have is the ability to implement a goal driven, balanced and diverse lifestyle which is crucial to sustainable, long term sobriety. Our programme is specifically designed to empower each individual to become fully self-supporting as they make the transition back into society.


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