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Your first TOUGHLOVE® Support Group meeting is always the hardest. Most people are amazed and relieved to find that the group is composed of people just like themselves who have been, or are going through the same thing they are. The comforting feeling of not being alone is the most common response after the first meeting.

Reasons to believe

Family problems have roots and support in the culture. Our culture is changing at a staggering pace. Challenges to our traditional values, ideals and authority are taking place daily. The old belief that a broken home, for instance, caused our kids to abuse drugs/alcohol or behave anti-socially is no longer valid.

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Sheryl’s story

My name is Sheryl Rahme and I have been a member of Toughlove® since the early eighties. I joined Toughlove® because I had a family member addicted to drugs, he …

Sheralee’s story

ToughLoveBlogSuccess StoriesSheralee’s story   Sheralee’s story POSTED ON DECEMBER 3, 2018 BY TOUGHADMIN Director and Coordinator for Glenvista and Northcliff Groups. advancedental@yebo.co.za 15 Years ago I joined TOUGHLOVE®. Six weeks later I decided …