Noupoort Christian Care Centre is the biggest and most affordable Faith Based Christian Rehabilitation centre in South Africa with more than 27 years experience. Our new CEO , Richard Driver took over the reigns in 2019.

NCCC offers a 52-week rehabilitation program & encourages a 2nd year at NO extra cost with a Guarantee of 100% Recovery. Our program consists of the one-step program.  We believe in Jesus as the one and only way to truly recover from addiction.

Addiction is a choice and not an incurable disease, which means that it can and has been overcome by many that have completed our prescribed one year and 2-year programs.

Broken down as follows, our survey shows a 76% recovery success rate for those completing the 52-week programme. For this reason, we can guarantee the recovery of any addiction for all those that are prepared to do an extra year after successful completion of the first year. The second year is free.

The Programme is broken down as follows

1st Year:

30 weeks primary care – Noupoort

10 weeks secondary care – Ciara Middleton (Resident must stop smoking to move to the phase of the programme)

12 weeks as a senior resident in a leadership role

2nd Year:

After the successful completion of the above 52-week programme, we strongly recommend a 2nd “YEAR OF YOUR LIFE” at no extra cost.


“We have various projects and workstations where residents can spend the time to get back into a working routine and deliver some fruitful results. Residents will have the opportunity to learn new skills at the various workstations. Every project is headed by a staff member.” Our Workstations include:







* Stocks

* Marketing

* Arts & Crafts

* Baking


Behaviour modification is a treatment approach, based on the ‘principles of operant conditioning’, which replaces undesirable habits with more desirable ones through positive or negative reinforcement. By applying biblical principals, the NCCC follows a strict routine which enforces positive change & allows individuals to break free from the habits formed during active addiction


The NCCC is the only rehabilitation centre in SA to offer residents the opportunity to complete their schooling and leave their recovery program with their matric certificate and the opportunity to pursue a career in their chosen field of interest. With a 95% pass rate over the past 5 years, the NCEC continues to change and transform lives and gives students the chance to dream again.


We offer an excellent faith based therapeutic program every afternoon that includes Celebrate Recovery , Thinking Errors , Recovery Skills , Relapse Prevention , Life Skills Training , Bible Study and Church Services.

We have a team of Qualified Pastors that offer Pastoral counselling. As the NCCC program is based on the foundation of Jesus Christ we believe that the word of God is our daily bread and that it offers a solution to all of life’s challenges, trials and tribulations.


Philippians 4:13 “Ï can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

For more info please contact:

Esme 0813944815 / 0498431747