Guest Speaker 1st February 2020

Guest Speaker Malcolm Darwin.


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(Please note that this guest speakers choice of recovery and religious views are entirely at his own discretion and in no way means that Toughlove approves or aligns to his approach. We do however appreciate the testimony and wish every recovering addict improved health and many more miles of achieved recovery)

As received by Malcolm Darwin

Burning Questions from Parents/Partners affected by Addiction

My name is Malcolm Darwin and I reside in Johannesburg. #malcolmdarwin
I am an ex-drug addict, who was enslaved for 9 years and now by the Grace of God have been drug-free for 10 years.

I believe that I can contribute towards the society by sharing my story…. what I have been through and mostly how I overcame this.

I want to help parents, families and partners that are affected by drugs because of someone close to them.

I would like for the parents, partners or anyone else to ask me any burning questions – that is close to their hearts about drug addicts.
WHY they do it
WHY they continue doing it.
I will be as open and honest as I possibly can to help the parents and partners get some clarity on this topic.

I do not profess to be a subject matter expert or psychologist on the topic but I believe because I have lived this life I may be able to bring some valuable insight.