Walking With Winners Recovery Centre



We are a registered faith based, substance abuse treatment program for men. We have over 20 years experience, and have provided recovery for hundreds of individuals battling to break free from addiction and related behaviors. We focus on substance abuse prevention, intervention, addict rescue, education, rehabilitation, addiction counseling and support. We have a huge success rate, due to the fact that we go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to our clients. Our professional male staff not only stay on the premises, but invest in each individual wholeheartedly to take them through the steps of recovery. We not only focus on the inpatient treatment, but also pay close attention to detail, and ensure that discharge planning is done properly, and that there will be set plans and goals in place to get the recovered person back into society.



We will work with you to develop a personalized treatment program to best suit your individual need.

We offer:

3 months inpatient plus 3 months outpatient treatment program.

6 months inpatient plus 3 months outpatient treatment program.

12 month inpatient treatment program plus 3 months outpatient treatment program.

Please note we are open for negotiation on program duration.




In Patient Program                                                                                                        Truth about Drugs

Out Patient Program                                                                                                     Heart of addiction

Drug Testing                                                                                                                   Narcotics Anonymous

Natural Purification                                                                                                       Group Counseling

Structured Program                                                                                                       Individual Counseling

12 Steps                                                                                                                            Family Counseling

Celebrate Recovery                                                                                                         Life Coaching

Interventions | Adult Diversions                                                                                  Social Work



Grade 12 Schooling (At additional cost)                                                                         Scuba Diving Courses

School Substance Abuse Program                                                                                  Go – Karting

A day in Rehab (We encourage schools to bring their pupils to spend a day)        Fully Equipped Gym

Corporate Substance Abuse Policies                                                                             Extra Mural Activities

Addiction Counseling Courses through ACCSA.                                                           HR Management Training     

Consultations                                                                                                                     Family Support

Court Orders


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