MYTHS and FACTS on Hookah Pipes, Hubbly Bubblies Shishas Water pipes Arghiles

Myth: Smoking “hubbly” is better than smoking cigarettes because it passes through water

Fact: Water doesn’t clean the smoke.

“Hubbly” and cigarette smoke both contain poisons, including nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide (exhaust fumes), arsenic (ant poison), acetone (nail varnish remover) ammonia (toilet cleaner) butane (lighter fuel) phenol (disinfectant naphthalene (mothballs) Lead, even in small amounts can make children hyperactive and irritable and can cause brain damage.

Smoke produced in a typical session (45min) contains 36 times more tar and 8 times more carbon monoxide than smoking 1 cigarette

Myth: One gets less nicotine and carbon monoxide from smoking a “hubbly” than a cigarette.

Fact: A “hubbly” smoker takes about 100 puffs in a single session, while a cigarette smoker takes about 10 puffs a cigarette, so a session of smoking “hubbly” can give you as much nicotine and carbon monoxide as 10 cigarettes.

The smoke produced produced in a typical “hubbly” session can contain about 36 times more tar, and about 8 times more carbon monoxide than the smoke from a cigarette

Myth: “Hubbly” tobacco is not real tobacco

Fact: It is flavoured tobacco

Myth: Smoking “hubbly” is not as addictive as smoking cigarettes

Fact: “Hubblies” is as addictive as cigarettes as the tobacco contains nicotine. Some “hubbly” smokers crave a smoke, cannot quit, and have withdrawal symptoms when they stop

Myth: Smoking “hubbly” is not harmful

Fact: Sweet flavour and pleasant smell makes it easier to smoke without coughing and has become a social activity, so people think of the “hubbly” as fun, not a dangerous habit

Myth: It is safe for children to smoke “hubbly”

Fact: It is dangerous for anybody to smoke any form of tobacco, as it can cause permanent lung damage. It is especially bad for children and also illegal as it is tobacco

Myth: There are no long term effects from smoking “hubbly”

Fact: It can cause lung damage, cancer of the mouth, lips, throat, lungs and bladder, heart attack, stroke, peptic ulcers. As with cigarette smoking it can cause impotence and wrinkling of the skin. One can contract viruses, such as herpes, colds and “flu, even TB, by sharing the “hubbly” pipe

Myth: Even a pregnant woman can smoke “hubbly” safely

Fact: Carbon monoxide and other poisons can pass from the mother’s blood to the baby.

Smoking a “hubbly” during pregnancy can cause low birth weight and increases incidence of sudden Infant Death (SIDS)

Myth: As long as I am not smoking the “hubbly” it is safe for me to be in the room while other people are smoking.

Fact: Second hand smoke is as harmful as smoking.

Children who are exposed to their parents second hand smoke are more likely to have lung infections than those whose parents do not smoke.